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Brief Introduction of Ramgram Municipality

Ramgram municipality is one of the seven local levels of this Nawalparasi West District in the Lumbini Province of Nepal.At the time of the 2011 Nepal census it had a population of 59455 in 10855 households.The former name of Parasi is still widely used. Ramgram is about 9 km from the Mahendra Highway,and known due to its historical and tourists place such as Ramagrama Stupa,Pali Bhagvati Temple. This stupa,which was constructed some 2500 years BCE and located 3 km from Mahespur Chauraha, contains one of the relics of Buddha.Every year about 7000 tourists visit Ramgram stupa.3 km southwest of the Ramgram stupa is another temple known as Pali Bhagvati Temple dedicated to Durga Goddess.It is beautiful place and there is a small river known as Jharahi.Actually the place is situated in Ujaingadha now known as Ujaini.The place is also known as the maternal house of Gautam Buddha.


Notice & General Regulation

Elected Officials

Dhanpat Yadav
Samjhana Chaudhary
Deputy Mayor

Elected Official

Mohan Aryal
Chief Administrative Officer
Ram Naresh Ray
Information Officer


सेवा प्रकारः- घर जग्गा
सेवा समयः- प्रकिया मिलाई आएमा सोहि दिन
जिम्मेवार अधिकारीः- राजश्व शाखा कर्मचारी
सेवा दिने कार्यालयः- राजश्व शाखा, रामग्राम नगरपालिका कार्यालयको कार्यालय
सेवा शुल्कः- मुल्यांकन भए अनुसार
आवश्यक कागजातहरुः-
  • जग्गाधनी लालपुर्जा फोटोकपी, जग्गाधनीको नागरिकताको फोटोकपी,
  • नापी कार्यालयद्वारा उपलब्ध गराईएको जग्गाको नक्सा ,
  • अघिल्लो आर्थिक बर्षको कर तिरेको रसिद / फोटोकपी,
  • सम्पत्ति विवरण फारम ,
  • सम्पत्ति विवरण फारम दाखिला गर्ने व्यक्तिको नागरिकताको फोटोकपी


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